EPISODE 01-2018: Who Shot the Sheriff?

Learn why Durango’s El Moro Tavern still leaves a glass of whiskey on the bar each night for a local sheriff who was murdered a hundred years ago during a gambling raid; a visit to Cheyenne with cowboy gunslingers who teach Jimmy how wild west gunfights really happened, unlike what we’ve learned from Hollywood.


EPISODE 02-2018: A One-In-A-Million Shot

Frontier German settlers brought a unique game of 9-pin bowling to the Texas hill country and Jimmy gets his chance to make a one-in-a-million bowling shot; learn the secret recipe for a massive Blanco chocolate meringue pie; the Riff Raff Brewery teaches Jimmy how to make their celebrated Yak Burger and invites him to sample homemade beer made with local hot springs water.


EPISODE 03-2018: Blacksmiths and Burritos

A Cherokee blacksmith teaches Jimmy how to make a frontier hunting knife from an old railroad spike; Jimmy prepares some great southwestern brisket in a town that claims the world’s deepest hot springs with magical healing powers; New Mexico’s historic Foster Saloon & Hotel is the home of a massive green chili burrito and some strange ghosts who’ve been padlocked upstairs for 50 years!


EPISODE 04-2018: Blame It On The Tommyknockers

A visit to the historic mining town of Idaho Springs reveals the tales of the mischievous mythical “tommyknockers” at an old mountain saloon where their legend live on; Jimmy learns how to make tasty Bacon Jalapeno Poppers and hearty Mountain-Man Mac & Cheese; a hundred-year-old pioneer honey farm uses Rocky Mountain bees to produce some unique small-batch whiskey, rum & vodka.


EPISODE 05-2018: Good Folks And Cowboy Smokes

Jimmy stops by Palma Cigars, a quiet little shop in the old frontier section of Denver where he tries to learn a lost art from a dedicated craftsman who carries on the noble tradition of rolling hand-crafted cigars; Georgetown’s Monument Café is a tribute to the vanishing roadside dives of days gone by in an old Texas town that has embraced the 21st century.


EPISODE 06-2018: Cowboys & Indians -- From India?

An historic Austin building not only reveals eerie ghosts and wild west tales, but houses one of the trendiest Indian restaurants in America where Jimmy cooks traditional Tandoori favorites with a contemporary Southwest twist; a tour of a Rocky Mountain soda factory that still produces homemade sarsaparilla and rootbeer using original pioneer recipes.


EPISODE 07-2018: Saint Peter Sent Me

We discover an old-style speakeasy in the back of a barber shop, where the only way Jimmy can get behind the hidden door to the saloon is if he can give the barber the secret phrase of the day; Hilda’s Tortilla Factory gives Jimmy lessons on making the perfect old-world tortilla and a unique Tex-Mex dish that locals line up for every day.


EPISODE 08-2018: Tragic Trains And Hollywood Haunts

Jimmy learns a tragic tale of a 15-year-old prostitute whose restless spirit still haunts a rail car in a museum dedicated to the Durango-Silverton Railroad which provided a lifeline for early miners and ranchers in remote mountain communities; a haunted Durango hotel has become a shrine to the “Hollywood of the Rockies” where ghosts and tourists still mingle every day.


EPISODE 09-2018: German Pioneers Tame Texas

A pair of charming ladies show Jimmy how to churn butter using 1800’s tools & techniques while experiencing how early pioneers lived a tough life without modern conveniences; Jimmy visits an old German bakery in a frontier Texas town where authentic Jaeger Schnitzel is the dish of the day and their decadently delicious European pastries attract customers from miles around.


EPISODE 10-2018: Broken Spokes And Apache Traditions

Jimmy stops by one of the most famous Texas saloons of all time, The Broken Spoke, where music legends like Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks & Dolly Parton have carried on the traditions of country-western entertainment for decades; Jimmy uncovers the secret recipe for an award-winning Chicken Fried Steak and gets a Texas Two-Step dancing lesson; Jimmy learns how to make Native American Fry Bread for a popular prime rib sandwich at the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in New Mexico.


EPISODE 11-2018: It’s a Rocky Mountain Mardi Gras

A Cajun chef brings 5-star New Orleans cuisine to a haunted old pioneer general store in the heart of Colorado; Jimmy makes Fried Green Tomatoes and samples some 190-proof moonshine; Jimmy learns about Colorado’s finest libations at Loveland’s oldest saloon that’s been totally transformed.


EPISODE 12-2018: You Say Buffalo, I Say Bison

Jimmy encounters “Gene Simmons”, a 2,000 pound bison with a yard-long tongue, on one of the world’s largest ranches where thousands of buffalo still roam the prairie as they did in the days of the early frontier; Jimmy learns how to cook mouth-watering bison ribs and weighs-in on an award-winning sandwich that some claim is the Best Burger in America.


EPISODE 13-2018: Haunted Eats And Horseshoes

The East Main Grill serves up a Texas-style Cubano Sandwich on the site of a haunted lumberyard where a young girl’s spirit teases the kitchen staff every day; Jimmy becomes a “horse whisperer”, learning how to shoe a horse from a cowboy farrier who still makes horseshoes one at a time.


EPISODE 14-2018: There Is No “S” In New Braunfels

An old German pioneer town is the site of the legendary Phoenix Saloon, famous for great food, tasty drinks and their historical claim-to-fame invention, chili powder, as well as some strange ghosts who still haunt the halls every day. Nearby, Jimmy explores the renovated Faust Hotel & Brewery, which embraces a spooky past as they entertain guests with a totally unique dining & hospitality experience.


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